Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cheap Family Holiday Packages to India

India, as a country, has always been an interesting and unique travel destination. Without standardized basic amenities, it would be a relatively unique experience for tourists from developed countries. However, the mesmerizing natural beauty and rich cultural heritage has been eternally appealing to a lot of tourists. Indian cheap tours, however, offer the right balance of local flavor and hardcore delights of comforts and travels.

There are cheap train tours that explore several interesting territories effortlessly. From local delicious cuisines to bars that offer entertainment and relaxation, you can indulge yourself and make your tour comfortable, pleasant and relaxing. Then, visit everything from the UNESCO World heritage sites to local places of worship, from cultural festivals to picturesque landscapes. These cheap tours explore several travel destinations. Destinations like Karnataka, Rajasthan, Delhi, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Golden Triangle of India, several experiences await keen tourists. The absolute service, delightful local cuisine and hassle-free processes make your tour much more fulfilling.

Other perfect way to enjoy a cheap tour in India is to select a destination with the best of international hotels. Most budget hotels in India would offer a perfect mix of several cuisines, tempting drinks and several modes of relaxation. Though, traditional and predictable, Indian cheap hotels offer a good experience at a relatively affordable price. Full-fledged gyms, indoor swimming pools, spa treatments, night clubs and recreation destination offer unlimited sources of fun, thrill and relaxation. However, there are few tour destinations and hotels that make the stay much more appealing.

If you want visit Hyderabad, capital of Nizam rulers, wouldn't it be better to stay at a royal palace than to visit one? That's right. There are quite a few royal palaces with the aura, elegant architecture, traditional royal interior design and history that have been converted into 5 star hotels for tourists. These hotels epitomize Indian Cheap as tourists get to experience a life of past at its best, without compromising modern amenities.

If you can live without Wi-Fi and similar amenities there are few more interesting hidden treasures in India that are priceless travel experiences. The rich eco tours of North East India are not cheap tours, however, village stays or home stays in Dzongu is an off-the-track unorthodox experience that would be unforgettable and out of this world. Eco-tourism in these villages can only be experience if you are willing to sacrifice luxuries and live in a way the rest of the world does. Step out of your comfort zone and visit these enriching emotional and cultural destinations in India.

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